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Pocket Diets shines bright in the Fitness Industry

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

pocket diets - weight loss expert in india

With a plethora of Fitness related brands and startups striving to leave a mark in the customers mind there is one name that stands out , Pocket Diets , a new age fitness startup specializing in customised INDIAN diet plans

The company has acquired close to 2000 customers in mere 6 months of launch with a targetted positioning and mission to cater the masses with their economical prices and supremely elite services at the same time.

Clients are oozing out excellent *reviews* while posting their transformation stories on social media.

Gone are the days when you would spend around 5k or more to get a personal nutritionist to customise your diet plans .

At Pocket Diets , not only the team designs a customised plan for you but they also ensure you are assisted by not 1 but 2 nutritionists personally throughout your transformation journey

You can reach out their team through *instagram*, where you will also find numerous client posts and health tips which are posted everyday.

The diet plans start at ₹399 and are based on 100% homecooked food and are as economical to follow as regular ‘ghar ka khaana’ Though it is recommended to do a little exercise with the diet but many clients boast of having lost significant amount of weight and fat just by following the diet due to busy schedules

Whether this startup will become the next unicorn of the fitness industry, well let’s see!!

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