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How do i reach out to you ?

You con contact us Via Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. Generally Our team of nutritionists is highly Responsive and we respond within a couple of Hours. Please check out the " Contact Us" option in the menu 

How is my Diet plan customised ?

We believe every individual is different and hence our team of nutritionists spend a lot of time analysing your details to customise your diet plan. Once you enrol with us for a diet plan, you will will asked to fill a Plan Customisation Form which will extensively capture all the details needed to design your diet plan. We focus on parameters like Fitness goal ( Weight loss/ Muscle Gain/ Body Recomposition etc) , Your food preferences, your previous medical and diet history and of course your body calculations among many other factors   

When and How do i get the Diet Plan?

We a a big team of nutritionists who take pride in continuously overdelivering on timelines. Once you enrol for a diet plan, we generally take less than 24 hrs to share the plan with you.

The Diet plan is shared over a personal Whatsapp group between you and your Nutritionist. The group is exclusive to you and you can clear all your queries with your nutritionist. The same group will be used for monitoring your diet and Tracking results. Though the Diet plan would be designed based on all your input , still if you would want any changes, the same will be done for you

What do you mean by Plan Monitoring and Result tracking ?

Plan Monitoring - Once the diet plan will be shared with you, we would expect you to follow it dedicatedly for best results. Our nutritionist will be there to monitor you meal pictures and help you out. Since this is a home based diet, most people find it very easy to follow

Result Tracking- The end goal of the diet is to take you closer to your fitness goal & we make sure you get results. Some people have even started getting results a week after starting the diet, we'd live if you keep a track of your Weight and body measurements during the course of your diet so we can help you get the best results

What do you mean by Plan Updation ?

Within the course of the plan, you don't just get one type diet plan. Based on the results and client willingness we try to upgrade the plan for even better results so essentially based on your diet plan duration you may get 2-3 diet plan from our side without any extra cost

How will the diet plan look like ?

Your diet plan will consist of Home based food with no fancy ingredients. Following this diet is as pocket friendly as our Plans. We DO NOT believe in FAD or detox diets. All our meals contain all macro nutrients which help you feel full for longer. Unless specified by you , your diet will contain 3 main meals with snacks in between if you feel hungry. 

How will i be able to manage the diet with my Schedule ? 

We have hostel students , Doctors,Housewives, Teachers, Night shift workers , lawyers and People from more than 50 different professions. As we say, we customise your diet plan so it makes your life easy. Our team is here to help you at every stage till the last date of your plan 

Will i get Cheat days or can i eat out ?

We promote cheat meals and not cheat Days. Moderation is the key to everything when it comes to diet. If you really crave something and it is a part of your lifestyle ,we never restrict you , we  include it in your diet in moderation. We also help you pick better options when eating out or ordering online. We promise you wouldn't have to give up fun because of the diet

I don't have time to exercise , Can i lose weight ?

Yes. We agree that workout along with the plan may give you faster results. However if you are not able to make time to workout, we would just suggest you a few simple tricks along with the diet plan which will ensure you reach closer to your fitness goal with workout as well 

Do you provide workout plans also ?

We Specialise in nutrition, however we do suggest simple home workout which can be followed along with the plan by anyone

How much weight/Inches can i lose in a month ?

Well, each and every body is different in terms of composition and metabolism and hence has a different way of reacting to the Diet plan. We can't promise you a numbers but yes the results will be there. We have clients who have lost 2-3kg/inches to clients who have also lost around 5kg/inches in a month. So yes with consistency and right nutrition,results will definitely be there 

Will i gain the weight back once i stop Diet ?

Nutrition and lifestyle is about healthy habits and choices. Our plans are designed for a sustainable weight loss and to easily blend in your lifestyle. You may not even realise that you are following a diet. We share all our tips and tricks. for healthy diet choices which you can easily follow for the rest of your life. The diet is not a magic which will stop working after the plan ends, Nutrition is a lifestyle in itself which should be a part of who we are 

My Family doesn't believe in Diet?

Yes we hear you and many like you. That is why we have come up with plan with 100% home based food which our parents love. You will be able to follow the diet without any extra effort or expense in the kitchen, and eat mostly everything that your family eats, so there is no reason your family will not approve of this diet

I don't have much time to cook/ I am a hosteller 

Well as mentioned earlier, the diet is purely Indian food which is found everywhere , even in colleges and offices. You may make simple recipes if you don't have much time. The diet is balanced with all macros and those should be a part of the meal. The dish you cook doesn't matter 

Do you guide me on how i make tasty yet healthy recipes ?

Our very own recipe book is a super hit among our clients, We have 100+ healthy recipes across 9 Categories like Soups, Starters, Salads, Snacks , Desserts etc  

I am not living in Indian but want Indian Diet, Can i enroll ?

Yes, approximately 15-20% of our clients are NRIs. We have reached more than 25 Countries and are expanding everyday. Please refer to  "Our Programs"  from the menu

What are the modes of Payment ?

You can use UPI ( Phonepe, BHIM, Gpay) , Paytm or Direct Bank Transfer. Foreign clients may use western union or remitly

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