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Who we are 

We are team of team of nutritionists and entrepreneurs with 7+ years of expertise in the field of Nutrition and Diet sciences. We come from various parts of the country with experience across. We are what we eat and for us nutrition is not a part of lifestyle , it is a way of life.

Your Success - Our Mission

After Successfully changing 2000+ lives we are now on a mission to revolutionise diet for all. We are motivated to reach millions with our services and change the way people look at diet plans.

We are here to make your diet and life easy with our 100% customised plans , Sustainable diet and super affordable services

Why Pocket Diets?

We follow a 4 letter mantra FHLP to design each diet plan

F- Fitness goal: We make plans for weight loss, inch loss, Muscle Gain , Recomposition and maintenance

H- Health Conditions: PCOS, Thyroid ,Diabetes, Allergies ,Deficiency Hair/skin issue or any other health condition, we will customise it for you

L-Lifestyle: Do you work nightshifts ? Are you an IT Employee ? or are you a working mother ? Whatever your day looks like, we are here with a diet for you

P-Preferences: Do you prefer a south Indian Diet or do you like a mix. Tired of plans which don't let you have your regional favourites ? We are here to include all your favourites in your diet. Secret :Moderation is the key

Not just a Diet plan

A diet plan is just a part of your fitness journey. Our services are much beyond providing just a diet plan. Our services include-:

1) Monitoring your Diet - What you eat in a day

2) Assistance- All your queries regarding you plan, nutrition and food

3) Result tracking & motivation- measuring you results and changes in not just Kilograms but also in inches , in your self image and motivation levels

4) Plan Updations- We keep upgrading your plans based on your results so that at no point in time you are stuck at a certain weight

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